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 I had many small moles on my face. I also had a big dark skin patch on my nose which I was very unhappy about. Dr. Bateni removed them all by laser and my skin has fully recovered afterwards. I am very pleased with her performance and I think she is a great dermatologist.  
 I visited Dr. Bateni for my significant hair loss and after following her prescription my hair condition has improved. Her attitude towards her patients is always so positive.  
 I have done laser hair removal on my ears and also my beard in Dr. Bateni's clinic a few years ago and I am happy with the job she has done because I don't need to shave anymore. I recommend her to anyone because she cares about her patients and she is also very knowledgeable. 
 I suffered from significant hair loss. I did 6 hair mesotherapy sessions with Dr Bateni. My hair shedding stopped after my second session and my hair is regrowing!  
 I suffered from migraine for a long time. I visited many specialists during past 10 years and even though I tried all medications, it didn't get better. I was referred to Dr. Bateni through a friend and she suggested botox injections for my migraines. After going under this treatment I barely get migraine's attack and I am not taking any medications anymore. I also had a few moles on my face which she removed them properly. She is a great dermatologist and I recommend her.  
 Dr Bateni has performed multiple sessions of laser hair removal for my body and I'm very satisfied by the results. She is very experienced and has a supportive and caring attitude towards her patients. I also suffered from bad headaches which didn't respond to medication at all. I tried many meds and was referred to different specialists for my tension headache with no improvement in my situation. But when I consulted Dr. Bateni she suggested Botox injection for my problem. After a few sessions of botox injections by Dr. Bateni my tension headaches improved significantly. I definitely recommend her.  
 I've had a large skin mole on my face. I consulted a few dermatologists in Atlanta to remove that. But due to its large size they refused to do it as they thought it will leave a scar on my face. I visited Dr Bateni and she removed the mole in her clinic and my skin has recovered fully with no sign of scar. She is an expert!  


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