Banu Beauty Laser Clinic is located in Beautiful West Lakes of Adelaide. We are known for our fantastic world class exclusive treatments and our experts experience in various Laser treatments including Laser Hair Removal, Anti-wrinkle treatments, Non-Invasive Acne scar and Fine Lines reduction using the most advanced medical grade technologies. In Banu Beauty Laser Clinic we offer tailor made treatments and therapies for your Skin, Hair and Body.

Say Goodbye to Wrinkles and Stretch marks

Introducing eTwo Sublime and Sublative Complete Facial Rejuvenation

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How Gentle Pro Technology Works

The Gentle Pro family includes two lasers to treat all skin types with extremely high efficiency and safety. The 755nm long pulsed Alexandrite is highly absorbed by melanin. This makes the Alexandrite laser ideal for treating unwanted hair on Fitzpatrick Skin types I-IV, and other skin conditions such as, superficial vascular anomalies, pigmented lesions from sun-damaged skin, age Spots and freckles.

Gentle Pro Hair Removal

  • Ultra-Fast with Excellent Results
  • Leading Medical Hair Removal Treatments
  • Used By Over 10,000 Doctors
  • Suitable for lighter and darker skinned patients
  • Over 5.5 billion treatment pulses will be delivered by Gentle hair removal lasers worldwide in 2017

Introducing Gentle Pro Large Spot Delivery System!

  • The largest dual wavelength spots in the market (20, 22 and 24mm treatment spot sizes)
  • Faster coverage rate shortens procedure time – Up to 30% shorter
  • Improves patient comfort

Vascular and Pigmented Lesions Treatments

Vascular lesions can exist from birth, develop with age or occur as the result of sun damage. They appear when the small capillaries in the skin become dilated resulting red spots development on the Skin, or sometimes large stains, such as port wine stains. They can also spread out like thread veins or spider veins.
Pigmented lesions are extremely common and most often caused by the sun. They include freckles, age spots and liver spots which normally contain high concentrations of melanin (pigment). Hormonal factors, injuries, sun exposure, and aging can also cause abnormal pigmented lesions, Read More

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