Meet Our Team
Dr. Elaheh Bateni
Head Laser Therapist

Dr. Elaheh is an overseas trained dermatologist and laser expert with over 24 years of medical and surgical experience. She graduated from the Australian College of Laser Therapy in 2016 and has achieved Qualification of Laser Pigment/Vascular Reduction and Skin Rejuvenation from Syneron Candela, Academy of Excellence in Australia as well.

Certified Laser Therapist
Born and raised in Esfahan, one of the beautiful and historical cities of Iran, Marjan moved to Boston when she was 17 to do her bachelor in Biochemistry. She has recently moved to Adelaide and is currently doing an intense internship course at a Biochemistry laboratory before her graduation. She is a devoted food enthusiastic and a competitive tennis player.
Certified Laser Therapist
Nazila has a degree in music, and loves sport & physical activity. She moved to Australia 12 years ago and has always had interest in the beauty and skin care industry.
Website Administrator
Aseman has a master in Food BioScience from UK. She has moved back to Iran after her study and was the clinic manager at Dr. Bateni's laser clinic in Esfahan for three years before she moved to Tehran and started to work as an international relations expert at MAHAK - the society to support children suffering from cancer for almost two years. Aseman loves meeting new people and learning about different cultures and enjoys travelling.
IT & Online Marketing
Stefan has worked in various roles in the IT field for many years, including in the health sector. He has experience with small business, and is currently completing a degree in Telecommunications Engineering at Adelaide University. Stefan enjoys good food, live music, and travelling.
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